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Locations Europe

We are wherever our customers are.

Hungary - Törökszentmiklós

CLAAS Hungaria

The Hungarian factory Törökszentmiklós, to the southeast of Budapest, has been part of the CLAAS group since 1997 and today, is one of the most important economic factors in the country. In Törökszentmiklós, CLAAS manufactures all rotary drum units. The factory also manufactures cutter bars according to the modern principle of mixed production, i.e. a number of different models can be manufactured on one production line at the same time.


CLAAS Hungaria Kft.
Kombájn u. 1
5200 Törökszentmiklós

Phone + 36 56 59 76 00

Project entitled “CLAAS Hungária Kft. Training Program” (TÁMOP 2.3.3/B-09/5-2009-0007) supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

National Development Agency: www.nfu.hu

ESF Social Services Non-profit Ltd.: www.esza.hu


CLAAS Hungária Kft. (GmbH), 5200 Törökszentmiklós, Kombájn u. 1

Intermediate body:

ESZA Társadalmi Szolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.
1134 Budapest, Váci út 45. Building „C”

Description of the project:

For three months after December 2009 at CLAAS Hungária Kft in Törökszentmiklós, training was in focus: 223 of the employees had the chance to take part in 21 different training courses. Some of them even participated in several courses, thus in total 323 new qualifications were acquired at the company. These training courses were funded by the EU through the TÁMOP 2.3.3.B-09/5 grant schemes.

Further information on Hungarian:

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