Employment opportunities

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Find here our current vacancies.

Employment opportunities

Join our fields.

Find here our current vacancies.

Tips for your successful application.

The first impression counts. Since the initial selection is often made based on your application, here are some tips to help you, to make a good first impression with your application.

  • Where do I apply for what?

    Vacancies International:

    • Please use our online application system for your application. You will find answers to questions about the system further down this site. Apply for a job in Germany via the online portal. For a vacancy outside Germany apply directly to the contact specified in the job advertisement via e-mail.

    Vacancies at our CLAAS dealers in Germany:

    Apprenticeship or dual-study programs in Germany:

    • Apply directly to the contact person specified for the respective training occupation or dual study program, either by mail or e-mail.
  • Your application documents

    Missing documents or excessive documentation make the selection process more difficult for our human resources department and reduce your chances of success.

    An effective application to CLAAS must include:

    • A separate cover letter stating the relevant job advertisement
    • A tabular CV
    • Copies of all relevant certificates

    Your application should make a good visual impression.

    Your cover letter must answer the following questions:

    • How did the company come to your attention (job advertisements, Internet, etc.)?
    • What are your qualifications and your interests?
    • What are your reasons for choosing your occupation?
    • Why are you applying specifically for a job at CLAAS?

    Please avoid standard letters with formulations such as "I would hereby like to apply for…" – try to give your application a personal touch and thus make us notice you. Your application is at the same time your first work sample and reflects your enagement, creativity and reliability.

  • Preparing for your interview

    Your first face-to-face meeting is approaching. We are excited about it and so are you. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask us plenty of questions and present yourself from your best side. To ensure that you are prepared for the interview, you should find out as much as you can about our company in advance. You will find a lot of information and useful facts about CLAAS on our website. During the interview, take advantage of the opportunity to impress us with your personality and your commitment. We look forward to your interview!

  • Application tips for an apprenticeship and dual-study program

    A complete application for an apprenticeship or dual-study program at CLAAS must include:

    • A separate cover letter stating the training occupation
    • A tabular CV
    • Copies of your last two report cards
    • Documentation of internships, certificates etc.

    How does the selection process for business-oriented training work at CLAAS?

    Once the applications have been reviewed, a selection of applicants will be invited for a personal interview. The assignment of trainee positions will be made on the basis of those interviews. Aptitude tests or assessment centres are not used when selecting trainees for business programs.

    How does the selection process for technical training work at CLAAS?

    Once the applications have been reviewed, you take an aptitude test. Based on the test results, a selection of applicants will be invited for a personal interview. The assignment of trainee positions will be made on the basis of those interviews.

    Application deadline:

    We accept applications for the next training year as of May the year before (e.g. applications may be submitted as of May 2016 for applicants wishing to start their training in 2017).

Your online application at CLAAS in Germany

Please make sure you have around 30 minutes to spare when completing your first application in the CLAAS Job Portal. To simplify the process, have your documents (CV, photo, references, certificates, etc.) ready in a digital format.

If your details are already stored in our Job Portal, you will only need a few minutes to complete your application because you can re-use your candidate profile.

If you have any technical problems during your online application process, please contact tech-support@claas.com. In order to process your request as fast as possible, please send us the corresponding error message. Please notice that this contact is only regarding technical problems – not for speculative applications.

As a matter of course, we will keep your information completely confidential and we will never disclose it to third parties or use it for any other purposes. Find our data protection declaration here.

  • How does the job search work?

    How can I search for jobs?

    There are two ways in which to carry out a search in our Job Portal:

    • The first option is to select the criteria you require in the filter provided. The system then determines which vacancies match your selection and displays these in a results list. You can then access more detailed information about the individual jobs and apply directly.
    • On the other hand, if you are a registered applicant, you can log into your profile directly via our careers page and search under the "Vacancies" tab for appropriate jobs that match the criteria you previously specified, or you can do a key word search. This method also allows you to save a search with specific search criteria and re-use it later (active search), or set up various Job Agents (passive search).

    How will the Job Agent help me to search for a job?

    With the Job Agent, you receive regular e-mails informing you about newly advertised jobs that might interest you.

    Currently there is no suitable vacancy for me.

    If none of the jobs currently advertised are suitable for you, we recommend that you register in the CLAAS Talent Pool. You can also activate a Job Agent under the "Vacancies" tab. Our Job Agent will inform you by e-mail as soon as a position that might interest you becomes available – you can then apply directly.

    Moreover you are welcome to send us your speculative application.

    I know the reference code for a job and I would like to see more details about it.

    Every job listing is given a reference code. Using the "Application via reference code" link on our careers page, you can enter the reference code to find the job listing you are looking for and apply for the job directly.

    How can I save interesting jobs so that I can view them later?

    As a registered user, you can run a search and mark any of the job results you are interested in as favourites. You can call up these favourites again at any time via the "My favourites" link, look at them again and apply if you want to.

    How long do I have to apply for an advertised job?
    Our vacancies are advertised for as long as we are actively looking for candidates to fill the positions.

  • How does the application assistant support me?

    Which fields do I have to complete?

    We recommend that you complete all the relevant fields in your profile.

    Can I save and come back later?

    If you want to save your application rather than sending it off immediately, you can do so. Simply save your information, go back to it later and make any necessary changes, and send off your application when you are done.

    How should I submit my attachments (individually/together)?

    You can upload your files either individually or as a combined document. Please just select the appropriate attachment type. You only need to upload the attachment(s) once. It/they will then be visible with all your applications.

    Will I receive a confirmation of receipt for my application?

    We will confirm the receipt of your application immediately.

    How can I update my candidate profile once created?

    You can log into the Job Portal again at any time using the login details you chose. You can add, update and delete any information under the "Candidate profile" tab. 

  • How long will my information be stored for?

    Your information will be stored in our system until you completely delete your registration and your profile.
    If you do not log into our Job Portal for 12 months, your profile will be deleted automatically. However, before this happens, you will first receive an e-mail from us asking you to log into our system again within the next four weeks. If you fail to do this, your registration and your information will be deleted automatically.

  • What is the CLAAS Talent Pool?

    What is the CLAAS Talent Pool?
    The CLAAS Talent Pool is a platform that allows you to provide your personal profile to the HR departments in the CLAAS Group throughout Germany.
    You register yourself with your first application to CLAAS and an individual candidate profile is setup for you. The data relevant to your application is saved in this candidate profile so that you can use it for future applications. There are also additional functions available to you, such as a status overview of all applications, automatic notifications and various options for your job search.

    Which advantages does the CLAAS Talent Pool offer me?
    When filling open job positions, recruiters in the CLAAS Group throughout Germany can search the Talent Pool for suitable candidates. Of course, you can also block your profile at any time and reactivate it again later on.

    How can I activate/block my candidate profile for the Talent Pool?
    Before you send off your application, you will be asked in the last step whether you want to activate your profile. Tick the box and then send off your application. You can change this setting at any time on the last page of your candidate profile by ticking the box or removing the tick.

    I have applied for a specific job. Will my application be checked for other positions?
    If you have responded to a specific job advertisement, your data will only be considered for this job. However, you can also activate your profile for the applicant pool. This means that all HR departments at CLAAS companies throughout Germany have access to your profile and can consider it to fill open positions.

  • Can I also send a speculative application if I can't find a suitable job?

    Yes, a speculative application for our German vacancies is possible here. Please apply speculatively for our further worldwide locations via mail. Here you can find your contacts.

  • How can I withdraw my application?

    Under the category "my applications" in your profile, you can change the status of your application. If you want to withdraw your application, mark the respective application and click the "delete/withdraw" button.

  • How can I update my profile data?

    You can login with your user at any time in the "candidate profile" section and update or delete your data.

  • Why does the message "this e-mail address is already registered" appear during registration?

    You have either already registered with us using this e-mail address or you have applied by mail. In this case, we have already entered your data electronically.

  • I have forgotten my password. How can I access my data again?

    You can enter your user name and/or e-mail address you registered with by using the "password reminder" function in the login area and you will receive a new password by e-mail. Please use this for your next login and then you can change the password.