Growing together.

Become a CLAAS technology partner.

Our customers have been at the heart of our product development for over 100 years. Our motivation is to meet your needs and requirements – our aspiration is to exceed them. The impetus for an innovation could equally stem from a customer need, a new technology, an enhanced production method or the digitization of a process. Multiple approaches create opportunities for new development or redesign; and nobody is likely to understand these possibilities better than our technology partners. Your expertise combined with our market and product knowledge give us both the greatest chance of success.

About us.

The CLAAS Technology Partner Team seeks out exciting and promising business opportunities across a range of technology fields. Regardless of whether you’re a new start-up or an established company - we’re very interested to hear from you and to hear your ideas. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about what a potential collaboration could look like.

What we are looking for.

In order to consolidate and expand our position as a technology leader, as well as simultaneously identify new opportunities, we have explicitly identified those technology fields that we are currently interested in pursuing with partners. We are looking for strong partners in these fields who are going to take us to the next level with their expertise and technology. In addition to these fields, we are also on the lookout for modern and disruptive business models.

Product-specific technology fields.

Process and business-specific fields.