Graduates at CLAAS

Your start in a future-oriented sector.

After you have completed your degree, you will have many opportunities to start your practical career. Choose your career path with us: The way to a secure and successful future with a clear objective ahead.

Graduates at CLAAS

Your start in a future-oriented sector.

After you have completed your degree, you will have many opportunities to start your practical career. Choose your career path with us: The way to a secure and successful future with a clear objective ahead.

International Trainee Programme

Out of the lecture hall and into the working world: The International Trainee Programme at CLAAS offers you the best possible opportunity. Get to know our company within 18 months, find out which department suits you best and gain international experience at two locations of your choice.

With our International Trainee Programme as a constant and essential part of the CLAAS support for future employees, it is our aim to create the best circumstances for your personal career development. We support you in building an international network while giving you a comprehensive overview of the CLAAS group. If you take advantage of the opportunities in the various departments in a determined and convincing manner, then nothing will prevent you from a future within our company. The International Trainee Programme merely provides the framework – you yourself decide on your individual assignments and help to shape your individual programme.

Lay the focus on the area of your choice, and make a career of it:

Other areas of emphasis are offered as required and can be found in our employment opportunities.

Whichever area you are interested in: using your knowledge, experience and dedication to enable a company to progress even further within its market is a major task. This is the challenge we face every day.

  • Period abroad

    CLAAS is represented in 140 countries worldwide and we are constantly working on increasing this number. During your International Trainee Programme you can get to know some of these countries and on your CLAAS journey, gain essential experience that will benefit your whole life. Get to know other cultures on site, expand your horizons and exchange your experiences with trainees from other countries.

  • Your individual programme

    From the very first day you will be placed in practical projects and will be given responsibility right from the start. As you are launched into the daily working life, you will soon learn where your core areas are.

    In addition to "training on the job" in the company's daily business, there will also be a focus on strategy and planning. In small projects, some of them worldwide, you can demonstrate your skills under your own responsibility. We offer various training courses and seminars to help you build up your skills, step by step.

    Together with our human resources department, we will develop your personal, carefully targeted training plan. Product training sessions, business seminars and our trainee workshops are a permanent part of the programme. The workshops, in which one trainee and one executive present their respective working environments in detail, are organised and realised by the trainees.

    Of course, we do not leave you on your own in these activities – we allocate you a mentor, who will advise and support you in shaping your programme and choosing your future area of activity. In the early days and on completion of your International Trainee Programme, your mentor is always there for you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Your qualifications

    We are seeking qualified graduates out of the following subjects for our International Trainee Programme:

    • Agricultural technology
    • Agricultural economics and science
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Information technology
    • Industrial engineering
    • Economic science

    Interested applicants should also have the following qualifications:

    • High individual initiative and high degree of commitment
    • Open-mindedness and flexibility
    • An above-average degree (e.g. Master’s degree, Magister or Diploma)
    • Knowledge of foreign languages (fluent in German and English, other languages are desirable)
    • Interdisciplinary knowledge
    • First professional experience in your respective field
    • Experiences abroad of significant length, ideally in the context of a semester or internship abroad, and willingness to work abroad for several months

  • Excellent prospects

    Once you have successfully completed your International Trainee Programme, we will employ you at CLAAS in a position corresponding to your preferences and skills. The specialism chosen by you will suggest the direction – but should you realise during the course of the programme that you would prefer a different area, we will support you in developing further in this direction.

    If you establish a definite profile during your trainee period, you will have a better chance of being accepted in our company. However, we cannot guarantee that you will reach a management position, although we will ensure that the prerequisites are in place to qualify you to be able to accept responsibility.

    Use the opportunities given to you by CLAAS in a determined and convincing manner, and you will have access to excellent opportunities with us. We look forward to meeting you.

    By the way our International Trainee Programme was again designated as being "fair and career-oriented" by the job agency Absolventa. We will continue to use our programme to seek and promote talent both now and in the future.