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Corporate culture

Generation CLAAS.

Even though we are active all around the globe and manufacture our products at eleven sites worldwide, we still remain a family company. A company which offers everyone a fertile foundation for a successful future.

Corporate culture

Generation CLAAS.

Even though we are active all around the globe and manufacture our products at eleven sites worldwide, we still remain a family company. A company which offers everyone a fertile foundation for a successful future.

Those of us who work at CLAAS put our hearts and souls into our work and we are highly committed. We have a shared understanding of teamwork, partnership and being able to rely on each other. This commitment to fulfilling our respective responsibilities is taken very seriously by our staff. There is a good reason why the people who work for us are happy to call themselves Claasians: They extremely identify themselves with our company.

In the long term, new expertise can only develop if the right structures are in place. One important factor in this respect is being able to rely on your employer. We are very proud that length of service is valued very highly at our company. 85 % of our employees never leave.

Our principles of management and working together


Every CLAAS employee deserves to be respected as a person and recognized for the work that he or she does.


Working together cooperatively in our company requires that staff are involved both in forming opinions and in making decisions.


CLAAS employees work together based on credibility, loyalty and trust.

Prepared to change

As a company, we will be especially successful if we understand and view constant change as an opportunity. 

The ongoing attachment of our former employees to the company even after they enter retirement is a further demonstration of how our employees identify themselves with our company and our products. Once a Claasian always a Claasian. Since 1968, the CLAAS Rentner Club with over 790 members has been organising many interesting events, allowing the retirees to cultivate friendships, reminisce about the past, stay in contact with their colleagues or even take a trip to one of the CLAAS sites throughout the world.

  • The characteristics which define us:


    CLAAS is a company which became a big player thanks to its pioneering innovations. Our countless awards and patents are evidence of this. Ideas that work are ideas which make a difference for our customers.
    As an employee of our company, you will have the freedom to make your own impact, freedom for your creativity and freedom for your ideas within a product and process environment which acknowledges your ambitions and commitment.


    An atmosphere of interdependent value creation: CLAAS is a communicative company which is open to everything and places no limits on teamwork. We are intercultural and interdisciplinary. We appreciate individual expertise. Together, we develop our machines and products further.
    A corporate culture which works successfully at an international level. Because it promotes cooperation between individual company sites. We are experts in taking advantage of the diversity of different approaches.


    Further education and training are part of our tradition and are highly valued. New opportunities arise constantly in the various CLAAS companies throughout the world. Whether you are a recent graduate, have recently completed a training program, whether you are a specialist or a generalist.
    We offer you good prospects for your future ‒ on the job, off the job or even, for example, in the management of projects. Well-planned, systematic human resource development forms the basis for your next steps.


    People are fascinated by our machines all around the world. Our combine harvesters, forage harvesters and tractors operate in over 140 different countries. CLAAS has become a word in its own right in many different languages. This sounds promising. Particularly for those who have an international outlook. We are familiar with the activities and requirements of our customers throughout the world because we have seen them for ourselves. We are present locally. Stays abroad provide opportunities for successful CLAAS careers. Opportunities which could be a good fit for you.


    When faced by big challenges, perseverance is what counts. As a family company, we are set up perfectly for this philosophy. That's because we are independent. We plan and invest for the long term. In terms of our employees, this means that we stand behind our decisions and offer a stable future with greater continuity and security.
    Dependability and motivation mean better results. And extremely low staff turnover levels. Becoming a CLAAS employee means that you have finally arrived. Find out for yourself.