Excellent deals for early buyers.

That’s what we can offer.

For our customers it’s never too early to think about the next harvest – because long-term planning is just as important as spontaneity. Good ideas need to be quickly turned into action before others can take advantage of them and get ahead. For over 100 years CLAAS has proven that it knows when to act. This experience has been an invaluable advantage that we have used for each new development to this day.

Specifically, this means that you are able to access a range of opportunities.

CLAAS expertise

  • Over 100 years’ market experience
  • Farming 4.0
  • AgTech
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Business and data management
  • Driver assistance and operating systems
  • The agricultural production process


  • Co-working Spaces
  • Business development
  • R&D methodology

CLAAS network

  • Access to the global market
  • Production opportunities in Europe, USA, Russia, China and India.
  • Global network of distribution and sales partners in over 150 countries.
  • Existing business relationships with additional investors and development partners.

As a CLAAS Technology Partner you are able to take advantage of these opportunities as well as our excellent global reputation and access to financial support.

Expand your potential and partner with us to establish the foundations for future technologies and innovations.

Christoph Molitor, Head of Technology Management

Christoph is the coordinator for innovation and technology management within the Global Engineering Network of the CLAAS Group. Prior to moving into this role in 2018, he gained experience in machine development for CLAAS products as a development engineer in pre- and series development. Through his assignment to Asia and as project manager / system engineer for international machine projects, he has come to know the global requirements for future technologies.

Contact: christoph.molitor@claas.com

Now it’s your turn.

We’d like you to tell us more about yourself and your idea.

To accelerate the process please supply a genuine proposal and answer the following questions:

Business model

  • What is your idea? Please describe your value proposition
  • What value would you be adding to CLAAS?
  • Which customers are you targeting with your business model?


  • Have you already developed or sold products?
  • What is the ownership structure of your company?
  • How is your team structured?
  • When will you start generating revenue and become profitable?
  • How can CLAAS support your company?