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Pupils at CLAAS.

Do you want to start work in a practical role straight away? And create a solid foundation for the start of your career with first-class training? Then an exciting apprenticeship at CLAAS is the right choice for you.


Pupils at CLAAS.

Do you want to start work in a practical role straight away? And create a solid foundation for the start of your career with first-class training? Then an exciting apprenticeship at CLAAS is the right choice for you.

Construction Mechanic

Big, bigger, biggest: If you have always been fascinated by huge machines, then it's your turn to create high-tech systems of this magnitude yourself - as a construction mechanic at CLAAS. Our customers have high innovative and technical demands. In order to live up to these, we offer this training programme which incorporates the latest technology and a high degree of practical orientation.

Construction mechanics at CLAAS are our preproduction specialists who work in the field of sheet metal working. Folding, bending, stamping, sizing and welding sheet metal belong to your daily tasks.

Did you know?

We use robots which can carry a load of 250 kg and simultaneously rotate all 6 axes about 360° in 4 seconds.

As a future Construction mechanic, planning and creating special systems e.g. for manual welding stations or robot welding systems is no problem for you. Here, you simply apply the knowledge you have gained about metal structures and control technology from your vocational school.

Some of your work will be carried out on modern computer-controlled plants - but you will also need your own musclepower at times! Alongside physical fitness, good technical skills and a sense of responsibility, as a Construction mechanic you also need to be able to work in a team and have good social skills. Together with your team, you will continuously work on improving work procedures and certain processes. In addition, you will be in continuous contact with upstream and downstream departments.

Do you have any questions about the training programme or would you like to apply directly? Your contacts will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Contacts for Harsewinkel: Mr. Alfons Gerdhennerichs or Mr. Stefan Mense

  • The apprenticeship at a glance
    Training programme details
    Training duration:3.5 years
    Minimum requirements:At least a leaving certificate from a German "Hauptschule", with good grades in scientific subjects.
    Training program content:Working manually or using computer-controlled plants and robots e.g. for welding, folding, stamping, laser cutting, pipe bending and rolling

    The practical training programme takes place in the Technical Training Center and in the operating departments of the company and is accompanied by full-time trainers and training officers.

    Vocational school lessons take place 1-2 days per week at the am Reckenberg-Berufskolleg in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.
    Training areas at CLAAS:

    The basic training initially takes place in the Technical Training Center in the following areas:

    • Basic metalworking training
    • Jointing (welding, bonding, soldering)
    • Milling/grinding/turning
    • Robotics
    • Forming technology/folding technology
    • Electrical engineering/pneumatics
    • Specialised metalworking and inspection preparation

    Trainees work in the following departments of the company:

    • Body assembly and surfacing centre
    • Preproduction
    • Quality assurance
    • Assembly manufacturing
    • Assembly
    • Plant maintenance
    • Technical development
    • CLAAS production system
    Place of work:CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH in Harsewinkel
    School subjects:

    Specialised subject areas:

    • Manufacturing components with machines and manual tools
    • Forming metal sections and sheets
    • Creating structures from sheet metal components and sections
    • Maintenance of equipment and machinery

    General subjects:

    Economics, technical mathematics, German, English, politics, sports, religion

    Final qualification:Construction Mechanic (IHK), Equipment Engineering Field