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Pupils at CLAAS.

Do you want to start work in a practical role straight away? And create a solid foundation for the start of your career with first-class training? Then an exciting apprenticeship at CLAAS is the right choice for you.


Pupils at CLAAS.

Do you want to start work in a practical role straight away? And create a solid foundation for the start of your career with first-class training? Then an exciting apprenticeship at CLAAS is the right choice for you.

Cutting Machine Operator

Is a hundredth of a millimetre a big thing to you? Then give us the chance to fill you with enthusiasm for an apprenticeship with excellent future prospects.

With us, you will have the chance to apply your interest in technology and your craftsmanship, combined with the information you will learn in training and briefings within the company, on the latest processing machinery. When cutting machine operators get to work, they always get things moving – either the piece they are working on or the tool itself.

They produce/cut precision components from a wide range of materials in accordance with technical documentation in piece and series production. But what does cutting actually mean? Wherever materials are processed through cutting, i.e. turned, milled, ground or drilled, cuttings are produced. This form of processing, i.e. shaping through removing cuttings, is known as cutting. This is also where the job title ‘cutting machine operator’ comes from.

The field of activity of a cutting machine operator includes both individual workspaces with conventional and computer-controlled processing machinery and multiple interlinked machine tools in production islands, equipped with pick-and-place robots or loading and unloading systems.

You will programme and set up processing machinery, initiate production, monitor production processes with regard to the quality required and, if applicable, initiate and implement optimisation measures. In order to ensure the technical availability of your systems, you will also conduct maintenance and inspection tasks independently.

Have we aroused your interest? Then apply, if ...

… you want to experience plenty of cutting-edge tasks and projects in your apprenticeship.
… you love variety and are always on the look-out for new challenges.
… you enjoy modern technology.
… you are good at mathematical and scientific subjects.

Did you know?

There are turning machines that can be used to process pieces that weigh as much as seven LEXION combine harvesters with cutting mechanism (140 tonnes).

Do you have any questions about the apprenticeship? Would you like to apply right away?

Please contact Michael Wilsmann in Paderborn. He appreciates to help and answer questions at any time.

  • The apprenticeship at a glance
    Training program details
    Training duration:3.5 years
    Minimum requirements:Interest in technology, at least school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) with good marks in mathematical and scientific subjects
    Primary job tasks:
    • Setting up, programming, testing, optimising production systems
    • Monitoring production processes
    • Manufacturing precision components from a range of materials using cutting production processes
    • Using quality assurance systems
    • Conducting maintenance and inspection tasks

    The practical apprenticeship will take place in the Technical Training Centre and in the company’s specialist departments and will be guided by dedicated coaches and apprenticeship officers.

    Lessons at a vocational college will take place on 1-2 days of the week at Richard-von-Weizsäcker Berufskolleg in Paderborn.
    Training areas at CLAAS:

    The basic apprenticeship will initially take place in the following fields at the Technical Training Centre:

    • Basic and advanced training in metals
    • Conventional turning, milling and grinding
    • CNC turning/CNC milling
    • Basic principles of control technology
    • Project work and exam preparation

    At the company itself, apprentices will work in the following divisions:

    • Quality assurance
    • Technical services, tools administration
    • Sample construction/testing centre
    • Cutting departments: turning, milling and grinding technology: cog, housing and valve production
    Place of work:CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH in Paderborn
    School subjects:Technical communication, production, assembly and maintenance technology, automation processes, economics, German, English
    Final qualification:Cutting machine operator (IHK)
    Specialisation: turning and milling technology