Press Release

TURN IN from CLAAS makes steering systems even easier to use

During field work without fixed reference points, such as when cultivating or harvesting, it is often difficult to line up with the optimum next track at the headland.

TURN IN from CLAAS is an extension to the CLAAS steering systems that are already available, and offers a new function which automatically guides the driver into the best track on turning.

Stress-free approach to the next track

Starting at an angle of 120° to the track, TURN IN suggests a recommended line for turning into the optimum next track. The driver just has to activate the steering system to be guided quickly and accurately into the right track. TURN IN therefore allows extremely fast manoeuvring at the headland while also reducing the driver’s workload.

TURN IN in action

Driver has full control

The system anticipates the track to be selected, automatically taking account of all current conditions such as speed, steering lock and machine alignment, and uses this data to identify the optimum track to take. The driver retains full control of track choice at all times. For example, if TURN IN suggests a track which the driver does not want to take, a new track is automatically suggested as soon as the driver changes the speed, steering lock or other factors. If necessary, a track can also be selected manually, completely independently of the system.

This function will be available in the first quarter of 2017 for all automatic CLAAS steering systems with an S7 or S10 terminal. Existing steering systems can be retrofitted by means of an activation code.

TURN IN of S10 terminal