Press release

Security of supply with utmost commitment

Despite the more stringent measures taken in recent days to contain the Corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions on the economy, the production and dispatch of spare parts continues at CLAAS. Retailers and workshops also continue to be fully operational thanks to comprehensive measures taken at an early stage.

"The first precautions were taken in our warehouses and departments a few weeks ago to minimise the risk, interrupt possible transmission channels and prevent bottlenecks," says Ulrich Timcke, Spokesperson of the Management Board of CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH. "This not only included the restructuring of our shift work in the Parts Logistics Centre, but also the tightening of hygiene rules as part of a comprehensive safety concept. The majority of the administration department also switched to working from home where it is still fully operational thanks to a powerful IT system. We continue to be available and to process orders as usual. To achieve this, in the warehouse, 490 fully committed employees are working around the clock in three shifts. I am proud to say that these measures have allowed us to keep the business up and running."

Given the Corona situation, the new high-bay warehouse in Hamm with space for 58,000 pallets has been switched to three shift operation.

"Even though the restrictions in logistics can lead to delays in delivery, especially where cross-border traffic is concerned, we are already able to ensure high availability throughout thanks to extensive winter stocking of our own warehouses as well as those of our dealers," Timcke continues. "We are also benefiting from the new high-bay warehouse in Hamm with space for 58,000 pallets and a picking capacity increased by up to 30 percent at peak times. Furthermore, all our national and international warehouses are networked with each other which means that in emergencies, parts can be sourced from other markets. On the whole, we are very optimistic about being able to reliably supply our customers with spare parts in the coming weeks as well."