Automatic steering wheel for the GPS PILOT S3

GPS-controlled steering systems, whether manual or automatic, have now become commonplace in agricultural applications.

Anyone who has ever used a system of this kind is always reluctant to give it up afterwards and every machine operator generally comes across an automatic steering system sooner or later. Operators can choose between two different systems: a fully integrated, hydraulic solution on the one hand, and an easily retrofitted kit which goes on or in the steering wheel of the machine on the other hand. CLAAS now offers a product with particularly impressive steering performance in the form of the new GPS PILOT FLEX.

Until now, the CLAAS range of GPS-controlled steering aids comprised three manual systems under the GPS COPILOT brand and three automatic systems under the GPS PILOT brand. CLAAS now offers the GPS PILOT FLEX specifically for the GPS PILOT S3 automatic steering system.

FLEX refers to the fact that this automatic steering system can be easily transferred from machine to machine, even between machines from different manufacturers. The automatic steering wheel and the components of the GPS PILOT S3 – the navigation processor, the S3 terminal and the GPS antenna technology – can be easily interchanged. For example, between machines such as combine harvesters, forage harvesters and tractors which are only used with a steering system on a seasonal basis. It is even easier if the machines in the fleet are already equipped with the GPS PILOT S3. The additional equipment required for the GPS PILOT FLEX which is already installed in these machines can then be used.

The installation and equipment exchange process is simple and quick: the steering wheel simply has to be changed over and there is no need to install any valves. The navigation processor sends its steering commands to the steering wheel’s electric motor. The steering information is thus applied directly to the steering linkage of the vehicle and the hydraulic kit which would otherwise be required is no longer needed.

The GPS PILOT FLEX can utilise all of the correction signals used by CLAAS machines from EGNOS through to RTK. Combined with RTK correction, the GPS PILOT FLEX enables very comfortable and precise working. Naturally, the automatic steering wheel is also compatible with all of the functions of the GPS PILOT S3 such as AUTO TURN or job and reference line management.

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