Press Release

CLAAS presents the latest Smart Farming technology

CLAAS will be showcasing its newest farming technology, designs and developments again this year at the DLG Field Days (14.-16. June 2016 in Haßfurt/Germany, booth No VA 34, GA 10). The main attraction will be current applications in the field of Smart Farming.

Potential applications and functionality will be presented and demonstrated using practical examples. These include site-specific soil treatment, the operation of automatic steering systems, machine monitoring and management as well as assessment and use of data for field catalogues.

Online application with CROP SENSOR ISARIA

A CROP SENSOR ISARIA will be run on rails through a winter barley field at the CLAAS stand to demonstrate the practical functionality of plot-specific fertilisation. While travelling over the field, the sensor measures green leaf intensity and the crop density to then calculate the current nitrogen requirements for the particular parcels. Visitors will have a live experience of how the sensor directly controls the slide opening of the attached fertiliser spreader and opens it wider or closes it depending on the calculated requirement. The system can also be used for pest management.

Control ISO-Bus Machines with iPad

Visitors can also become acquainted with the newly developed “EASY on board App” and its potential applications at the CLAAS stand. The app makes it possible to operate the basic functions of ISO-Bus machines using an iPad. This includes, for example, controlling tractor and machine parameters or detecting malfunctions.

The FLEET VIEW application is another innovation presented by CLAAS. The application makes it possible to coordinate grain transport during harvesting, saving time and money. All of the drivers in a logistics chain are continuously informed by smartphone or tablet PC regarding the position and grain fill levels of the combine harvesters in the fleet. This information helps a driver to immediately decide which combine harvester they should empty next and which route they should set for it.

Live Demonstration of the CLAAS TELEMATICS solution

A live demonstration awaits visitors at the presentation of the completely redesigned CLAAS TELEMATICS solution. The practical advantages of the available TELEMATICS versions are demonstrated using two tractors and fertiliser spreaders. For example, contractors can use the app to optimise fleet management in a running work process via mobile end terminals or detect and quickly react to standstill times in real time. Spreader data can even be captured using the TONI function. The system therefore offers optimal data transparency and security for documentation and internal controlling purposes.

There will also be a live demonstration of the well proven CLAAS GPS steering systems. A tractor that navigates a slalom course using an RTK steering system will be on display at the CLAAS stand. Visitors can also obtain information regarding the specific CLAAS RTK correction data network available for their region.

S10 Terminal for Professional Users

CLAAS will also present the S10 Terminal for professional users with all of its extended functions and updates. Steering systems and ISOBUS attachments can be operated, and up to four analogue cameras displayed using the S10's high-resolution 10.4" touchscreen. The terminal also provides comprehensive reference line management. New modern features round out the offering, such as SECTION CONTROL, with which any overlaps of the ISOBUS attachments can be avoided, as well as ISOBUS Task Management.

Visitors at the booth can also explore current CLAAS AGROCOM crop cultivation software solutions. Highlights include the newest applications for generating plot catalogues and mobile data logging.