100 years of CLAAS

"CLAAS looks after its customers and never lets them down" This principle which guided August Claas still holds true today. But the small trade business he set up 100 years ago has since become a multinational company with locations and sales companies in over 100 countries. As has always been the case, CLAAS is a business with family participation, and with Helmut Claas as chairperson of the shareholders' committee, his daughter Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser as chairperson of the Supervisory Board and representatives from the two other owner families, Reinhold Claas and Günther Claas, it is also remains family-run.

Event calendar
  • Date
  • 23.03.2019
    Job Talk KGH
    Kreisgymnasium Halle
  • 03.04.2019
    UTS – Unternehmen trifft Schule
    CJD Gymnasium, Versmold
  • 05.04.2019
    AIESEC Deutschland Nationale Konferenz
    Haus Neuland, Oerlinghausen