Dual-study programme

Pupils at CLAAS.

You want to obtain a university degree? And you still want to have some practical experience? Do you want to earn money but still keep studying? Then the dual-study programme is the right choice for you.

Dual-study programme

Pupils at CLAAS.

You want to obtain a university degree? And you still want to have some practical experience? Do you want to earn money but still keep studying? Then the dual-study programme is the right choice for you.

Informatics (Bachelor of Science)

Agriculture in combination with modern informatics – not just a snappy name, but also an exciting opportunity. The digital world also influences agriculture and its technology. Nowadays, agricultural machines are equipped with a lot of technology like laser sensors, measuring instruments or cameras to make sure they work as efficient and profit-yielding as possible.

And this is where you come in: At CLAAS you have the opportunity to apply your know-how in a globally operating company. We are offering the dual-study programme Informatics in two different fields of study: Information Technology and IT-Automotive. In both fields you will be dealing with lectures like application-specific programming languages or database technologies. At the same time, the protection against unauthorized access to data is increasingly becoming a key factor.

Did you already know?

The sensors of the CROP SENSOR at CLAAS are extremely precise. The high powered LEDs allow 24 hours operation with a frequency from 10 to 800 measurements per second.

The field of Information technology will focus on all topics concerning engineer- and natural scientific contents, such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Physics, as well as graphical data and image processing and Computer Technology. As an information technician at CLAAS, you generate creative solutions to map the real corporate world and complicated procedures in hard- and software systems.

As an information scientist in “IT-Automotive“, the emphasis is set in the field of Software Engineering. You deal with the development of monitoring and control systems as well as with the installation and application of driver-assistance and driver-information systems. These systems regulate for example an ideal harvest speed and the holding of a trace without steering movements of the driver by using GPS.

During your studies, you will experience an exciting variation between theory and practice. Due to the extremely varied IT environment at CLAAS, it never gets boring: There are many thrilling internal tasks and also our clients increasingly demand innovative and intelligent solutions in favour of the agricultural sector. With this dual course of study, we offer you an exciting and connected area with best opportunities for the future.

Do you still have any questions left regarding the dual course of study or would you like to apply directly? Your contact person is always available for you.

Your contact person: Ms. Birgit Claves

  • The dual-study programme at a glance

    Training programme details

    Training duration:

    3 years


    German university entry qualification (Abitur, grade point average 2.5 or better)


    Approx. 7-week internship before start of study programme. Afterwards, the study blocks at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart alternate with practical phases at CLAAS roughly every 3 months.

    Training place:

    • CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH, Harsewinkel (Information technology)
    • CLAAS E-Systems KGaA mbH & Co. KG, Dissen (IT-Automotive)

    1st-4th semesters:

    Theoretical aspects in both fields of study:

    • Theoretical Informatics
    • Programming
    • Software Engineering
    • Databases
    • Technical Informatics
    • Mathematics
    • Key skills like business studies, project management, English, law

    Theoretical aspects in Information technology:

    • Natural and Engineering scientific contents like Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Physics
    • Communication- and Networktechnology
    • Computer Graphics & Picture Processing
    • Programming
    • Computer Engineering & Architecture
    • Control theory, process automatisation, real-time systems

    Theoretical aspects in IT-Automotive:

    • Microcontroller & sensor technology
    • Data transmission on local bus systems
    • Control Engineering
    • Data security
    • Methods of quality control & diagnostic inspection
    • Basis of alternative impulses

    Practical aspects:

    During the practical phases, you will be deployed in a variety of IT-related projects in the information service/IT department or other areas related to business administration like Research and Development.

    5th and 6th semesters: 

    • In-depth study of chosen specialist subject group
    • Writing of bachelor thesis

    Additional training measures:

    • Introductory seminar
    • Deployment abroad/language courses as appropriate
    • Product training
    • PC training

    Final qualification:

    Bachelor of Science – Informatics