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Working environment at CLAAS dealers

CLAAS has been perfecting harvests on the world’s fields for more than a century. Our colleagues at our dealers help us to achieve this success.

Working environment at CLAAS dealers

CLAAS has been perfecting harvests on the world’s fields for more than a century. Our colleagues at our dealers help us to achieve this success.


Our farmers and contractors work in a digital environment. CLAAS machinery transmits data into our customers’ offices, where it needs to be processed. Farmers and contractors then incorporate these analysis results into their decision-making processes. Needless to say, they expect answers to their questions during purchase and commissioning: Which data does my machine generate? How do I connect my accessory device to the tractor’s on-board information system? How do I attach my application card to the terminal?

CLAAS makes it possible to use modern IT expertise for agriculture. To do this, we develop efficient software, systems and machine components in order to deal efficiently and sustainably with the continuous growth in demand for food on ever smaller agricultural areas.

Shaping agriculture – connected and innovative.

Data has long become an essential piece of equipment. To ensure that our customers can use their full potential profitably, you support them as a farming expert. All systems, machinery and working processes need to be connected usefully and the data generated transmitted to various points for analysis. Under the name EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems), CLAAS brings together its expertise in data management and precision farming. This includes connecting machinery, fleet management and remote maintenance, as well as software solutions for optimized application of fertilizers and crop protection agents.

Our machinery can also be retrofitted with a steering system or terminal. You are the expert. You advise on the CLAAS software both at the customer’s computer and in the cab.

Typical jobs in the Farming sector:

  • Connectivity Specialist (m/f/d)
    Our experts in the workshops. These qualified technicians adapt the CLAAS machinery to the customers’ system landscapes – their accessories, steering systems and data management. Connectivity Specialists ensure that CLAAS machinery transmit and receive data.
  • Connectivity Advisor (m/f/d)
    Our contacts for all questions related to EASY products and the transmission of the data collected in the customer’s operation. Connectivity Advisors provide support in all aspects of data management and connectivity. They know our customers and their operations inside out, including their use of data and farm management software. Connectivity Advisors take a holistic view of operations and form a link between sales, service and the customer.