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Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Warehouse logistics expert

A huge warehouse, very tall shelving units and a massive range of CLAAS products. Finding something here isn't a problem for you because, as a Warehouse Logistics Expert at one of our CLAAS dealers, you are a real organisational talent. You know where you can find anything at any time and always have a complete overview in case one of our customers needs a spare part.

The supervisor.

You make sure that incoming and outgoing goods are at the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time. You are good at recording, checking and storing goods and you are enthusiastic about jobs like dispatching, picking, packing and loading materials.

As a Warehouse Logistics Expert at a CLAAS dealer, you are an important link between the material procurement, production and sales departments. Your role involves assisting with logistical planning and organisational processes as well as carrying out jobs within operational processes. If a customer has a question, you are happy to answer it because customer support and sales are also key responsibilities of this role.

Your practical experiences from the operating department and the theoretical foundation you have obtained at the vocational school make you a specialist who is always able to ensure a smooth flow of materials. As part of your role, you will make use of complicated computer-controlled inventory management systems and highly modern transportation equipment.

Did you know?

CLAAS is the number one in spare parts service in Germany.

  • The apprenticeship at a glance
    Duration:3 years
    Minimum requirements:
    • Good school leaving certificate from German "Hauptschule"
    • Sound business skills
    • Good understanding of mathematics
    • Reliability, thoroughness and a sense of order
    • Good English language skills
    • Interest in logistical and organisational activities
    • Ability to work in a team, commitment and motivation
    Primary job tasks:
    • Involvement in goods handling processes (receipt, storage, picking and packing as well as dispatch of goods)
    • Involvement in logistical planning and organisational processes
    • Use of computer-based management/administration systems
    • Completion of jobs within operational processes
    • Integration of inventory and transport activities within operational business processes
    • Customer service and sales


    CLAAS sales partners throughout Germany:

    Please contact our sales partners at their premises on your own initiative using the dealer locator


    apply for specific apprenticeship vacancies at CLAAS dealers in the CLAAS Job Board
    Structure:The practical training takes place in the operating department and is accompanied by a trainer. Lessons at the vocational school take place either in training blocks or once a week.
    School subjects:Logistics-related business processes, commercial goods handling, commercial value-chain processes, economic and social studies, data processing, German, religion, sports, politics
    Final qualification:Warehouse Logistics Expert