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Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Merchant in wholesale and foreign trade

Are you sociable, a good negotiator and a good salesperson? Perfect - because as a commercial expert in wholesale and foreign trade you will accompany the entire process of planning and holding sales discussions with customers, distributing our CLAAS products and associated spare parts and processing sales orders through to the creation of invoices.

The customer's favourite.

As a commercial expert in wholesale and foreign trade, you will also make sure that our goods are stored as cost efficiently as possible. To achieve this, you will monitor the smooth flow of goods, help with order processing, check incoming goods and inventory, reorder goods and plan on-time deliveries using software programmes.

At your CLAAS dealers, you will conduct purchasing negotiations on the telephone, via e-mail as well as directly in the showroom. Doing so, you will always have a clear goal in mind: keep juggling the numbers until you have achieved the best possible price.

As multinational companies, CLAAS and its dealers naturally have contacts around the world - this means you will have the exciting opportunity to apply and further improve your foreign language skills.

  • The apprenticeship at a glance
    Duration:3 years
    Minimum requirements:
    • Secondary technical school entrance qualification (Fachoberschulreife)
    • Interest in administrative processes
    • Basic MS Office skills
    • A customer and service-oriented approach
    • Good social skills and ability to work in a team
    • Proactive and highly perceptive
    • Negotiating skills, good communicator
    • Foreign-language skills
    Primary job tasks:
    • Processing sales orders and producing invoices
    • Obtaining offers, comparing conditions and purchasing goods
    • Checking incoming goods, invoices and delivery documents
    • Organisation of marketing measures
    • Planning and holding purchasing and sales discussions, consultations
    • Correspondence and communication with customers and business partners (in foreign languages when necessary)
    • Processing of complaints

    CLAAS dealers throughout Germany:

    Please contact our sales partners at their premises on your own initiative using the dealer locator


    apply for specific apprenticeship vacancies at CLAAS dealers in the CLAAS Job Board.

    Structure:The practical training at our CLAAS dealers takes place in all departments (sales, purchasing, accounting, sales backoffice, warehouse, workshop). You will also be accompanied by your trainer throughout your training programme. Lessons at the vocational school take place either in training blocks or once a week.
    School subjects:  Business/commercial studies, accounting, data processing, religion, German/communication, sports/health, politics/history, English
    Final qualification:Commercial Expert in wholesale and foreign trade