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Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Apprenticeship at CLAAS dealers

Even during your apprenticeship, you can experience direct contact with our customers, the extremely friendly working atmosphere and our diverse working environment.

Agricultural machinery mechatronics engineer

"Learning by doing is essential for good repairs" - this could be the motto of a mechatronics specialist for agricultural and construction machinery. This role requires you to have a "hands-on" attitude and work directly on machinery. Whether you are working at a CLAAS dealer or a used machinery centre, you will be servicing and repairing agricultural and construction vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment and preparing those for resale in the workshop.

The boss.

But that's not all – if customers have a problem with their machines, you are the person they contact and you will travel spontaneously to their premises to provide service directly in the field. After all, it's your job to perform diagnosis of faults and malfunctions, narrow down the possible causes and eliminate the defects. Regardless of whether the problem is of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or electronic nature – you will rapidly determine what the problem is and repair or replace the corresponding parts.

During your training, you will learn to operate and commission CLAAS machines and systems. You will therefore be capable of providing the best possible advice to customers and instructing them in the operation of their machines. As an agricultural and construction machinery mechatronic, musclepower is certainly not all you will need! You will also have to use the expertise and skills you have gained to operate the highly modern technology used in CLAAS machines such as hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, mechanical components and electronics.

Technology for:

"Starke Typen"

Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser, Chairwoman of the Shareholders' Committee, supports the "Starke Typen" campaign. The goal: to continue to positively influence the image of the retail, service and industry sectors and to actively recruit young talent for this area.

  • The apprenticeship at a glance
    Duration:3.5 years
    Minimum requirements:
    • Good school leaving certificate from German "Hauptschule"
    • Understanding of technology
    • Manual skills
    • Interest in electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics
    • Flexible, responsible and "hands-on"
    • Ability to work in a team, commitment and motivation
    Primary job tasks:
    • Service, inspect and repair vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment
    • Establish and check power connections
    • Operate and commission vehicles and systems
    • Perform function tests e.g. on an engine tester or brake test stand
    • Perform inspection programs in accordance with manufacturer specifications, record results in inspection logs
    • Eliminate faults in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems; determine the causes of faults
    • Advise and support customers e.g. handover vehicles or machines to customers; instruct customers in their operation if necessary
    Structure:The practical training takes place in the workshop and service department and is accompanied by a trainer. Lessons at the vocational school take place either in training blocks or once a week.

    CLAAS sales partners throughout Germany:

    Please contact our sales partners at their premises on your own initiative using dealer locator


    apply for specific apprenticeship vacancies at CLAAS dealers in the CLAAS Job Board

    School subjects:Economics/business studies, service and manufacturing, disassembly, repair and assembly, inspection and installation technology, German/communication, religion, sports/health promotion, politics/social studies
    Final qualification:Agricultural and construction machinery Mechatronic