The archive – maintenance of tradition at CLAAS.

As a family-run company, CLAAS feels duty-bound to preserve its corporate heritage and tradition. The history of the company is an intrinsic part of the CLAAS corporate culture, and is something that employees and customers identify with the world over.

The central archive serves as the company's memory. As a historical corporate archive, the purpose of the facility is to preserve and render usable corporate documentation of constant value on a long-term basis. Information stored in the central archive includes numerous records, papers, photos, films, internal publications, advertising materials and much more besides from the company's almost 100-year history.

The systematic recording of such documentation creates the basis for well-grounded research, and for the authentic representation and communication of company history to the outside world. Additionally, the central archive supplies the company's staff with important background information and material.

Your queries.

Are you interested in learning more about our history? The central archive is your point of call for all questions concerning our company and product history. We will be happy to answer your questions:



Central archive

Mühlenwinkel 1

D-33428 Harsewinkel, Germany